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Group Exhibitions

2023"HeavenLandSea", Blaugelbe Galerie, Schloss St. Peter in der Au, Austria
 "Second Stop", Bratislave, Slovakia (Catalogue
 "Wer ist wir?“, Gallery DIE FORUM, Wels, Austria
 "Gathering - Points of View", Blaugelbe Galerie, Schloss St. Peter in der Au, Austria
2022"Fall 22", Hotel Kunst, Vienna, Austria
 "Identities", Blaugelbe Galerie, Schloss St. Peter in der Au, Austria
 "stopover – points of view", Bratislave, Slovakia (Catalogue)
 "SunMoonStars", Blaugelbe Galerie, Schloss St. Peter in der Au, Austria
 "100 different glances …", Ausstellungsbrücke, St. Pölten, Austria
 "The Chobot Collection", ALBERTINA, Vienna, Austria (Catalogue)
"Maskiert", Galerie Kunst:Werk, St. Pölten, Austria
"Ortswechsel", Blaugelbe Galerie, Schloss St. Peter in der Au, Austria
„Hängung 1“, Galerie IG Edition, Vienna, Austria
"50 Years Gallery Chobot", Gallery Chobot, Vienna, Austria
 "Da Capo", Blaugelbe Galerie, St. Peter in der Au, Austria (Catalogue)
"ich … WIR … die anderen", Cselly Mühle, Oslip, Austria (Catalogue)
"Contemporary Art in the Parliament 2020/2021", Parliament, Vienna, Austria (Catalogue)
"Summer Pieces", Blaugelbe Gallery, St. Peter in der Au, Austria (Catalogue)
"Horizons", Artemons Museum, Hellmonsödt, Austria
"Fascination: Peace", DOK Niederösterreich, St.Peter in der Au, Austria (Catalogue)
“Neighborhood Report”, Schlossgalerie Steyr, Austria (Catalogue)
"Wir Hier, Museum of Modern Art, Passau, Germany (Catalogue)
“Neighborhood Report AUT - CZE”, Oblastní Galerie, Jihlava, Czech Republic (Catalogue)
 "Let flowers speak", Schloss St. Peter in der Au, Austria
"Coverversion", Gallery Kunst:Werk, St. Pölten, Austria
"Faszination : Tier", DOK Lower Austria, St.Peter in der Au, Austria
"Fascination : Man", DOK Niederösterreich - St.Peter/Au, Austria
Kunstverein Eichgraben, Austria
2013"Wagner Extase" (Wagnerdämmerung - P. Manker), Vienna, Austria (Catalogue)
"Skulptur & Zeichnung der 80er Jahre", Chobot Gallery, Vienna, Austria
 "Go West",Forum for contemporary Art - Palais Lichtenstein, Feldkirch, Austria (Catalog)
"Bilderwahl", Kulturhof Weistrach, Austria
 "Aufbruch", Schlossgalerie, Steyr, Austria
2012"Flashdance", DOK für moderne Kunst, St.Pölten, Austria
Galerie Tulla, Mannheim, Germany
Gallery Nemecek, Wieselburg, Austria
"Spurensuche", Tony Subal Gallery, Vienna, Austria
"Wiener Mix", daka-galerie, Schwaz/Tirol, Austria
"Starke Köpfe", Blaugelbe Galerie, Weistrach, Austria
"Station 5", Neue Stadtgalerie, Purkersdorf, Austria (Catalogue)
Südböhmische Gallery, Hluboka nad Vlatavou, Czech Republic (Catalogue)
"Go Back", Museum Waidhofen/Ybbs, Austria (Catalogue)
"Ortswechsel", Blaugelbe Galerie, Weistrach, Austria
"Eins ums andere", Museo civico di Brunico, Italy
"la déesse", Galerie H17, Vienna, Austria
"Eins zum Anderen", Museum Moderner Kunst, Passau, Germany (Catalogue)
"Christmas 2008", Gallery Nemecek, Wieselburg, Austria
"4 Artists from Austria", Gallery Chitrak, Dhaka, Bangladesch (Catalogue)
"20 Years Droysen Gallery", Droysen Galerie Kattrin Kühn, Berlin, Germany
"Ein Herz für die Kunst", Gallery Pehböck, Perg, Austria
"Above Water", Castle Ulmerfeld, Austria
"Flower Power", Kulturhof Weistrach, Austria
"gold, weihrauch, myrrhe", Gallery Nemecek, Wieselburg, Austria
"Spektrum Farbe", Niederösterreichisches Landesmuseum, St. Pölten, Austria
"10 Years Gallery Pehböck", Gallery Pehböck, Perg, Austria
"Je ein Bild", St. Peter an der Sperr, Wiener Neustadt, Austria
2004„In the Light of the Future“, Waidhofen, Austria (Catalogue)
"Verstanden - Missverstanden", DOK für Moderne Kunst, St. Pölten, Austria
"Ceramics by Painters", New Arts House Ahrenshoop, Germany (Catalogue)
„Ceramics by free Artists“ Hetjensmuseum – German Museum for Ceramics, Düsseldorf, Germany (Catalogue)
"12 Years Blue-Yellow“, Lower Austrian County Museum, Weistrach, Austria (Catalogue)
Droysen Gallery Kattrin Kühn, Berlin, Germany
„The Mythos Human Being“, Lower Austrian County Museum, Ulmerfeld Castle, Austria (Catalogue)
"Fire - Water", Lower Austrian Documentation Center of Modern Arts, St. Pölten, Austria (Catalogue)
2000"De la couleur et de feu, céramiques d'artistes de 1885 à nos jous", Musee Grobet-Labadie, Marseille, France (Catalogue)
 "arts+cow", Salzburg 2000 (Catalogue)
"Blue – Colour of the Distance", Ulmerfeld Castle, Austria (Catalogue)
"Ceramics", Manik Gallery, Vienna, Austria
1999"Physis und Psyche", at the Arts Hall Kapfenberg (Catalogue) and on Ulmerfeld Castle, Austria (Catalogue)
"Magie der Zeichnung", N.Ö. Landesmuseum, Weistrach, Austria (Catalogue)
Droysen Gallery Kattrin Kühn, Berlin, Germany
"Garden of Flowers", Lower Austrian County Museum, Weistrach, Austria (Catalogue)
"Veröffentlichte Kunst", N.Ö. Landesmuseum/Blaugelbe Galerie, Vienna, Austria (Catalogue)
"Artist's Ceramics", Museum Rheinsberg, Germany (Catalogue)
"Das Tier", Gallery Figl, Linz, Austria
"Artist's Ceramics", Museum Magdeburg, Germany (Catalogue)
"Künstlerkeramik", Keramikmuseum Berlin, Germany
"Fête de la fleur", Galerie Chobot, Wien
"Human Rights", Messepalast, Vienna (Catalogue)
"11. Römerquelle Kunstwettbewerb", New Gallery, Linz, Austria (Catalogue)
"The Art off", Narkissos, Prag
"Tonspuren", Gallery Chobot, Vienna, Austria
"Balance.akte 88", Lower Austrian County Museum, Vienna, Austria (Catalogue)
"Painting in Lower Austria 1918-1988", DOK, St. Pölten, Austria (Catalogue)
"1984 - Orwell und die Gegenwart", Museum of the 20th Century, Vienna, Austria (Catalogue)
"Hommage á Venus von Willendorf", Kulturhaus Graz, Austria (Catalogue)
"Fotografie aus Österreich", Albuquerque, New Mexico